LETHAL WEED PROFILE: Algaroba (Prosopis pallida)


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Overview of where teh Algaroba weed is and could be.

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The Algaroba weed is a declared weed in Queensland


Alternative Name(s): Mesquite, Prosopis limensis, Cloncurry Prickle Bush

Family: Fabaceae or Mimosaceae.

Form: Tree

Origin: Native to north-western South America.

Flowers/Seedhead: In greenish to yellow cylindrical spikes 5–12 cm long, on stalks arising from the base of the leaf (axil). Flowers predominantly spring to early summer.

Description: Tree or shrub to 10 m high. Leaflets grey-green. Pod 7–16 cm long, about 1 cm wide with 10–30 seeds, pods straight or slightly curved, margins parallel or with slight depressions between seeds.

Distinguishing features: Distinguished by often being single stemmed; paired stout spines develop near leaf base; spines 0.4 cm to more than 6 cm long, sometimes absent; leaves twice divided (bipinnate), primary divisions (pinnae) in 2–4 (rarely 1) pairs (see photo), leaflets to 10 mm long and to 3 mm wide in 7–15 pairs, hairy to almost hairless and pods hairless.

Dispersal: Animal (mainly) and water dispersed seed.

Confused With: Other Prosopis species in Australia, although they are usually multistemmed and have 1 or 2 (rarely 3) pairs of pinnae.

Source of material: http://www.weeds.org.au/

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